It’s a New Year!

Now that we’re at the end of another year, it’s a great idea to take some time to stop and reflect and do some checking in with your Self. What do I mean by that?

I mean that you take some time out and see where you are in the grand scheme of both your life and the universe.

  • Who are You at this time?
  • How did the past year go?
  • Are your emotions healthy?
  • Is your body healthy?
  • Is your SOUL healthy?
  • Are you happy and in love with who you’ve become?
  • What improvements and growth do you want to see in the year to come?
  • How do you want the next year to be?
  • Do you feel vital and alive?

It doesn’t have to be as deep as, say, a vision quest kind of check in; but at the very least a few hours.

If you don’t live alone, politely request uninterrupted time. Once you get into the reflection flow it is hard to get sucked out of it by your spouse asking where the scissors are or your kids asking for a snack!

Find a quiet space. If the weather permits, doing this outside is even better. Nothing like going into reflection mode when you’re out in Nature.

What Goodies You’ll Need

Grab your favorite notebook/journal (I like the Leuchtturm 1917 journals or your can find more journals here in the Celestial Realms store) and pen (Papermate Ink Joy gel pens work well because they don’t smear). Light a candle or two (gentle scents like vanilla are good). Turn on some inspirational (but not distracting) music. I tend to like an EDM genre called psychill ambient for this – its uplifting enough to not put you to sleep but not upbeat enough to distract you (Therapist, on Soundcloud, is a producer I turn to over and over). Or just write in silence if you prefer. Burn some incense (patchouli or sandalwood) or diffuse some essential oils (frankincense, Balance, Peace, clary sage — you can purchase them HERE). Get comfortable and settled and relaxed. Definitely spend the time and take the effort to set yourself up for success with your Checking In With Your Self Session!

journalling suppliesYou don’t have to write non-stop or straight through. If you need a moment or two or three to stop and think/feel/muse feel free to do so. Want to stand and stretch? Go for it! This isn’t something to rush through and be all tense and uptight about. It’s you and the Universe connecting and getting in touch.

When you’re ready, ask yourself some questions. Jot down how you’ve been feeling. Write your dreams. Write your hopes. Write what you learned the past year. Write how you’ve evolved. Answer the questions listed above.


Why do this? Do I hafta? 😉

No, of course, you don’t have to do it!

Buuuuut—–It’s a given that modern life is rushed and full of all sorts of actions, situations, relationships, and events that keep us busy. Sometimes there’s a shit storm of tragedy. Sometimes it’s like manna raining down from Heaven. Even down time can be rushed if you have limited vacation time (like I do!) or young ones still at home or a house needing upkeep.

journallingWithout checking in with yourself, you won’t be able to set baselines for your growth in the year ahead. You’ll just be focused on your day to day life at the surface level and ignore or not pay attention to the in-depth soul connections that will allow you to keep growing and bettering yourself.

I’d much rather do a check in than, say, rush through life without really knowing why I was even in it and who I was while in it! *lol*

A cool bennie of doing this is that you get to give yourself gold stars, blue ribbons and high fives when you realize how far you’ve come in the past year!

When to do this?

I usually save this for some time during the last couple of weeks in the year. Now and then I’ll do it around the pagan holiday of Samhain which is the end of the old year/beginning of the new year for many earth-based spiritual paths. You can even do this on your birthday if that feels more suitable.

For the mighty adventurous you can even do this monthly (or weekly!). Whenever you FEEL that you need one, just do it.

No matter when or where you do the checking in, know that it is highly beneficial to your personal development and soul growth. It may make you cry or groan or shake your head at yourself. It may make you giddy and feeling accomplished. It may bring a deep peace and luminous love and heady joy. None of these responses are good or bad. They are you! I invite you to enjoy the process and what comes blossoming from it.

Wishing you the blessings of love and light and a Happy New Year!





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