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I am Daphne (known in some circles as Caileadair – Gaelic for “stargazer”) and I’m glad you stopped into Celestial Realms. This site has had quite a few incarnations, but since I’ve wanted my own business for quite a long time, I am returning to the realms with renewed determination to succeed and create my heart out. Not to mention sharing my love of suns, moons, stars, new age products and essential oils with my visitors! Crafts

Here you’ll find a myriad of creative, cool items with a focus on wellness of body, mind and soul.

Shine. Sparkle. Glow.

The light of creativity and imagination!

Fun Sparkly Tidbits about Daphne

WordsI am a seeker of truth, mind open, heart whole, soul free. My spiritual journey travels a rather eclectic path that has no label, though I mainly focus on Qabalah, Paganism, and am a student of A Course in Miracles. Born in Puerto Rico, raised on the East Coast of the U.S., I currently reside in Texas with my husband and our three furry cat children: Pearl, Jewel, and Ruby. I turned 57 in 2017—guess I’m technically a “Senior Citizen” now. 😉 I love potato chips, seafood, and a good hot cup of coffee with French Vanilla or Amaretto creamer. My favorite time of day is early morning when the sun rises and my favorite season is Summer (Winter is the bane of my existence *lol*).

MusicI am also an eclectic Aquarian (which is appropriate given my non-conformist and zany nature!). ArtI have a myriad of interests ranging from astronomy to Zen, from airplanes to rock collecting, from essential oils to ecology, from science fiction/fantasy to computers. My creative side comes out in writing, composing music, drawing, needlecrafts, and anything to do with beads and crystals. I’m a huge music fanatic—of late I listen mostly to dubstep, drum and bass, and other sub-genres in EDM. I tend to be on the shy, quiet side and am definitely a home body, unless Frank and I are roadtripping.

My Partner

Frank & DaphneFrank is my husband, and though we haven’t been married long, it feels as if we’ve been best friends and lovers forever. He works hard as a heavy equipment technician. He likes puttering around with old cars and doing some woodwork here and there. We also enjoy exploring around the North/Central/East areas of Texas — especially checking out the lakes and doing some fishing.

** we met when his daughter and I started working the same day at our local Staples store
** both of us are neat freaks
** our first date was at Starbucks
** he’s an Army veteran
** he rides a Harley (I’ll ride with him sometimes, but not often *lol*)
** his fave movie is “What Dreams May Come”
** I’m blessed to have him as my parnter!!

Being the proud mother I am, I’d like to say a bit about my two children who are two of the brightest, most wonderful stars in my sky. {Frank has 4 kids — Frankie is the youngest and just recently moved out and got married.}

Anicka, my beautiful daughter, is 32. A true Leo, she is bright, outgoing, strong-willed, and has a natural flair for acting. She is a spiritual seeker, enjoys reading, all animals (she likes to raise mice), music, and movies (especially musicals and Esther Williams flicks). She is the Sun and I love her dearly. She stays busy with lots of eclectic activities and just moved across the pond to the UK to be with her fiance.

Devon, my precious son, is 27 years old. True to his Pisces nature, he is sensitive, kind, loving. He has a fascination for trains, work machines, cars, etc. (you know, guy stuff *s*). He’s also a video games fanatic. He really enjoys music (he produces awesome Dubstep tunes – PlayToyz, I.L.LXr, and DeFx), plays the drums wonderfully, and is a surprisingly good dance partner. He now has a beautiful wife and daughter. Its so cool to be a grandmother! He lives nearby, but I don’t get a chance to visit too often. Bummer!

Again, thanks for your visit and enjoy your time amongst the stars at Celestial Realms!!

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