I am Daphne (also known in some online venues as Caileadair) and I’m glad you stopped by Celestial Realms and the
Entangled Art Store. I’m a creativity wellness coach and blogger who works with women to heal their depression, anxiety, and apathy by providing empowering coaching, crafty artistic inspiration, and eclectic custom handmade creations so they achieve inner peace, renew their passion in life, and spark their creative juices into soaring passion and beauty and joy.

I am a seeker of truth—mind open, heart whole, soul free. Not anywhere near perfect, mind you *lol*, but I’ve come a long way through some dark times (which I’ll share soon) to find a level of peace and contentment I never imagined I would reach.

Born in Puerto Rico, raised on the US East Coast, I currently reside in Texas. I turned 59 in February of 2019 and currently work full-time for a mid-sized corporation. My goal is to retire from the corporate world to focus entirely on Entangled Art as a solopreneur endeavor.

Growing up I was a rather nerdy bookworm, with a passion for music, as well (the past few years I’ve totally gotten into EDM, especially dubstep and psytrance/psychill). Those interests have stayed with me, along with a plethora of other interests that range from astronomy to Zen, from airplanes to rock collecting, from sci-fi/fantasy to computers. My creative side comes out in writing, composing music, drawing, needlecrafts, jewelry making, and other general crafty things.

Frank is my husband and together we have 6 grown children and 3 furry kitty-cat children. He currently works as a lead tech for a heavy equipment dealer. He likes puttering with cars and woodworking. When we can break away, we enjoy visiting local area parks and lakes so we can do some fishing.

In recent years I returned to crochet and my passion for it was reignited! I also discovered that I love doodle art and adult coloring books.

You’ll also be able to see a portfolio of my creative works and purchase items I’ve made available for sale.

I hope that by interacting with me you will find…


Passionate – Empowered – Artistic – Creative – Eclectic



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