In this sticky post I’ll be sharing the latest updates on what’s going on around Celestial Realms.

There’s a lot going on, so enjoy your journey around the realms!Continue Reading


This is difficult for me. On so many levels. But I want to write about it, at least somewhat briefly. My son, Devon, passed away on June 22 of this year. A year that has now become associated with the loss of two family members I love so much. HeContinue Reading


Let’s gooooooooooo! So much growth and progress has occurred in the past couple of months. And in so many areas. I’m still healing over the loss of my dear mom, and the family was able to get a good offer on her home. Sad to see it go, but itContinue Reading


Sometimes the unexpected happens in your life and afterwards you are never the same. On January 6th I lost my Mom to an accident –she fell in her living room and broke several ribs and hit her head. She went to the ER at a hospital over in Dallas, andContinue Reading

ACNH Diana

…for all sorts of things! Got the holidays coming up with a good 10 day vacation to boot between Christmas and New Year’s. Sooooo, busy decorating for that. Hubby is now putting up new multi-color Christmas lights on this gorgeous autumn afternoon. More importantly, I’ve redone my spiritual altar andContinue Reading