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Transforming the site!

I’ve done a lot of reflecting on what I want to do here at Celestial Realms. Since the death of my son in June of 2022, I feel differently about a lot of things. I’ll be focusing more on my passion for diamond painting and more on blogging discussing various topics.

As for the store, I may get a small Etsy shop going and cross-post into the store here or just post them to the store here. Still doing research on that. The customized graphics take too much time and effort and I’m working to simplify my “work” life. 🙂

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for the fresh changes to come!

Latest From Blog

The Latest

The Latest

Pages Updated:  - Gaming with Cail - Home page Work has started on the Sun Sword Wiki!! Stay tuned for more!

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A Year Has Passed

A Year Has Passed

A year I managed to get through, using all the tools and family support that I could gather to me. I realize I'm late writing this, as the year...

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The Train Ride to Nowhere

The Train Ride to Nowhere

We boarded the train that daytwo strangers bound for Dallas;alone we were, unknowingly alonein differing shades of sorrowthat actually reflected...

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Terra Nil Gameplay

Terra Nil Gameplay

I recently purchased the game, Terra Nil, from Steam. Here's a video of beginning gameplay and my thoughts on the game. A really great game to play...

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Words of Light

Words of Light

Through the ages humanity has been blessed by the enlightened ones, the sages, the prophets, the masters, the loving ones. Their words pass through...

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Currently Reading

On my bedside table:

Enchanter’s End Game – David Eddings

The Ruins of Ambrai – Melanie Rawn

The Broken Crown – Michelle West

The Shadow Rising – Robert Jordan

A Course in Miracles

Current Diamond Painting WIPs

In progress diamond paintings:

Aquarius – art by Josephine Wall

The Witch’s Study Room – art by Cheryl Baker

Magic Potion – art by Jenoviya Art

Welcome Home – art by Cheryl Baker

Celebrate Diversity – art by Amy Brown


Current Cross Stitch WIPs

The Dragon Charmer – 18 count –
art by Amy Brown

Once Upon A Fairy Tale – 25 count –
art by Aimee Stewart

Other Projects

Other things I’m working on:

Crocheted table mat

Crocheted cushion

Crocheted beanie

Coloring title page
in the Magical Dawn coloring book

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